On Black Turtlenecks and Embracing Our Flaws

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I'm a cowl-neck sweater type of girl. Crew necks give me a rather unflattering shape and V-necks leave me rather self conscious. So, I go for the in-between -- a cowl-neck. It hits in the right places and gives my problem areas the space they need to go away.

But, really I want to look good in turtlenecks. It is a weird goal. I know. I mean turtlenecks aren't exactly known for being sexy, except they are. And, I think I'd probably look pretty cute in one. I mean Marilyn Monroe wore one in one of the most beautiful and iconic photos she ever took. Plus, I have breasts* similar to her. So, I should be able to wear one right?


Like most women, I find even when I know I look good or I know I could pull something off I hesitate. Because, also like most women, I have flaws. I have cellulite and my weight is never what I want it to be and quite frankly I wish I was flat-chested, taller and a size zero. But, that's not in the cards for me. I'll never be able to pull off cute, peter-pan collared dresses. It just won't work and accepting that has taken a lot of time and effort. And, I'm still not there.

For a girl who went from the shortest and scrawniest girl in school to the curviest (I jumped three cup sizes in less than a year) I have the marks to prove it. You don't sprout breasts and hips overnight and not be left with the consequences. I'm marked up and it freaks me out. Especially, when I go to class and I'm surrounded by athletes and tall, Nordic girls with perfect hair and skinny bodies.

So, what does that have to do with turtlenecks? Everything. I'm buying one. A black, form-fitting turtleneck. And, I'm buying a new bra, because nobody wants to see a girl in a turtleneck with an ill-fitting bra. I'm going to rock it. It will be my Marilyn moment and maybe no one will notice or think I'm sexy and that's okay, because I'm going to feel sexy and my opinion is the only one that matters.

2 thoughts on “On Black Turtlenecks and Embracing Our Flaws

  1. I once was talking to a guy who said that Jaqueline Kennedy in a turtleneck was the sexiest thing he could think of, and I haven't been able to get it out of my head ever since.

    I also feel like my chest is just Too Much for a turtleneck. But I'm hopeful that one day I will pull one on and just accept my inner Marilyn...who wasn't without her own insecurities, right?

    Your opinion IS the only one that matters...I love that sentiment, and need to repeat it more often!

  2. Hi,

    First off thanks for the comment -- I love your blog! Second, I absolutely agree. If women like Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy could look so effortlessly chic I think that's a real good goal. We don't need to look so overdone and put together, casual CAN be sexy. Or, at least that's my motto!

    - Halla